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Another Sneak Peek . . .


In August of last year, I published the first sneak peek of my novel, which I’m currently shopping to literary agents. You can check out that blurb by scrolling down. Here’s another excerpt from my “baby.” I hope you enjoy it . . .

Casey and Shaelyn seated themselves next to each other on a table across from the case board and swung their feet like kids. Rachel brought them coffee. Casey stared at Shaelyn while she studied the board. She felt his gaze and asked, exasperated, “What?”

He smiled. “I just can’t believe it’s you . . . and look at you. You grew up to be the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Shaelyn leaned over and bumped him. “I’m not falling for your ‘sweet talk’ buddy. Your reputation precedes you.” They laughed. Casey’s partner stood against the wall beside the whiteboard and observed them.

She motioned to the board. “So, give me some facts.”

“Fifteen dead so far and this guy works fast; kills every four or five days. He doesn’t leave anything traceable behind—nothing. The bodies are cleaned post-mortem, and there aren’t any organs. We’ve contacted our peeps on the black market but nothing’s turning up—”

“Nothing will,” Shaelyn said. “He’s eating them.”

There was a pregnant pause. “He’s hunting,” Casey concluded from Shaelyn’s lead. “He’s hunting his prey, killing it, properly cleaning it, and then consuming it.”

Very good, detective.” She bumped him a second time.

“Wait. Are you serious?” Casey’s partner said. “He’s eating people? This is way out of our league.”

Casey shot the young man a dry glare. “Yes, well, this would be why she is here.” He motioned to Shaelyn. “She’s the expert on this kind of shit, and no, Kennedy, this is not out of our league. These are homicides,” Casey waved at the case board, “and we are homicide detectives.” He waved between the two of them. . . .


Copyright © 2013 by Sharon Platz All Rights Reserved

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