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Missions Trip to Haiti Part 3:
Queue the Indiana Jones Theme

“We couldn’t drink water on the bus ride to the Mission . . .” – Aimee

“Yeah, it was an eight-hour ride and we only had one bathroom stop . . .” – Amber

“I’m sorry, what? Did you say only one?” – Sharon

Wait . . . This is Haiti?!

Okay, I’ll just say it right now: I will never be able to go on this missionary trip. Only one bathroom stop in eight hours just won’t work with my coffee-addicted, forty-[cough]-year-old bladder. In fact, I believe I said, “Oh, [I’ll just go ahead and censor myself here] no!” when they told me about the bus ride from the airport to the mission, and not having enough bathroom breaks wasn’t the worst part.

And Aimee Thought the Flight Would Be Bad . . .

I’ve never been to Haiti, so I don’t know its geography, and I was surprised to learn that the bus ride to the mission was treacherous. I pictured crystal-blue waters married with white-sand beaches and flat lands throughout the entire island, and I’ll admit I just Googled it to see if that were true. The beach part is, but according to Aimee and Amber, the flat lands part isn’t so much.

Alongside having to “hold it,” the girls told Kelly and me that they rode on narrow mountain roads that were something akin to the routes up Mount Everest (okay, I added the Everest part). They said they couldn’t even look out the windows, because they were certain they were going to plummet to their death down a steep cliff. I don’t think anyone warned them of this during the safety meetings.

Do We Really Want to Do This?

I’m not afraid of heights. In fact, I added the Everest part above because I’m going to climb her one day, but alas, I digress. As I listened to them relay the long and harrowing bus ride (and heard the Indiana Jones theme in my head), I realized that these two faced their fears head on just to make this trip. You can’t tell me a bus ride like this doesn’t exacerbate a fear of heights and constant worrying (Please read the second post in this series to see what I’m talking about).

Was it worth it to the girls in the end? Keep reading to find out. I will say this, however: These young women are braver than Indiana Jones. While most teens were frolicking in the muddied waters that marry the littered California coastline, Aimee and Amber traveled for two days, and it wasn’t first class . . . and there weren’t enough bathroom breaks! Yeah, these two rock!


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