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Sneak Peek III


Everybody loves sequels, so here’s another sneak peek of my book. I hope you enjoy Sneak Peek III. . . .

Shaelyn retreated to her office in an effort to find reprieve from the division floor’s noise. She sat at her desk, placed her purse in a drawer, grabbed the NYPD reports from her briefcase, and set the attaché at her feet. Almost immediately, a soft rap requested her attention.


Rachel opened the door and mouthed, “Casey needs you now!”

As Shaelyn stood up, Rachel signaled her to be quiet. She turned her head to the side and realized that not a sound emitted from outside her office door. She followed Rachel into the stunned squad room, and Casey motioned her to sit in a chair next to his desk.

“I said I want to talk to the doctor,” an altered voice said over Casey’s desk phone, which was on speaker. “I see you’ve brought in the big guns, detective. What’s the matter? You can’t figure this one out on your own?”

“No,” Casey said in the low, steady tone he always assumed when someone challenged him. “I can handle you. My boss brought the doctor in. He doesn’t think I’m smart enough to catch you. I think otherwise. What do you think?”

With exasperation on his face, he motioned to two men who fussed over computer equipment. They shrugged, wide-eyed, and shook their heads. They couldn’t trace the call even though Casey was keeping the caller on the line.

“I think you haven’t caught me yet, detective, that’s what I think. Nor do I think you will. Even with your new ‘forensic psychiatrist. . . .’”


Copyright © 2013 by Sharon Platz All Rights Reserved

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